A Partnership That Strengthens your IP processes and assets



An innovative suite of solutions designed to re-balance, re-mix,
and re-think your IP portfolio.


A Full Range of Focused IP Services

Welcome to Activ8 IP. Corporate IP owners face challenges like never before: stagnant budgets, decreasing valuations, over-
extended teams, highly complex IP assets, stiff competition, and an expanding global footprint. 

Active8 IP streamlines intellectual property decisions with business strategies to ensure wise budget management. 



The core of what we do starts with expert IP advisers located across all major jurisdictions and experienced in all phases of IP strategy and management.


Your consultant is also certified in proprietary software that audits your entire portfolio and reveals precisely where you can dramatically reduce filings and prosecution fees and maximize spending.


Activ8 IP brings these potent resources together in one place, accessible via our intuitive dashboard and available in a range of price points and service options to fit your precise needs.

About Us

Activ8 Ip was founded by IP professionals and attorneys who've worked on all sides of the industry - in law firms, corporate law departments and in IP services providers. We deeply understand the challenges corporate IP owners face - we've sat in those chairs, been in those meetings.

We're committed to leveraging human expertise together with cutting edge technology and smart software to give you the insights, data, tools and advice you need to cut waste, trim excess holdings, maximize your IP spend - and demonstrate the value of IP to your business.

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